Halloween at the Castro (or my new pictures)

Took BART and MUNI to Castro street and saw the most people I have ever seen gathered in one place. Me and my party of Eddie, John (Eddie’s Boyfriend), Seungkwon, Vicky, Eugene, Daisy, David, Nedim, and Albert arrived and tried very hard not lose each other; that didn’t happen though, as we lost Eugene, Daisy, and Nedim (Eddie deeply regrets the fact that we didn’t lose Seungkwon, though).

It wasn’t what I’d call a lovely extravaganza; I mean everywhere you went you saw trash, some ugly person, or guys just stripping (though that’s not a bad thing for everyone). There were people dressed in all sorts of strange costumes (The most obvious being the overly large penis costume) and many others who just couldn’t wait to shed them. Through the crowd, it was unimaginable thinking we’d run into people we knew, but by luck we ran into Jensen’s party. We proceeded to hang out and take a few pictures, before splitting up again.

There wasn’t a lot to do there, unless you were 21; hell, only three of us were in costume, and barely. Probably, the most extreme thing we did though was climb a bus stop. Not a big deal, but still the cops told us to get down. Gee bust up the fun of people just sitting down. I probably wouldn’t have been so bitter about it if I had landed the jump down, instead of landing on my butt (boy that stung).

It was around 11:30 and we decided to head back to the MUNI, since it closes at midnight. Along the way, some woman flashed the group, but, as Vicky put it, “it was wasted on two gay guys and me.” Along the way, David managed to grab hold of a cute girl and helped guide her through the crowd (and managed to get hit on by a couple of other guys), where as I was walking and got burned by another man’s cigratte. “Oh it’s only a flesh wound,” he said; you’re not the one who got burned pal. And then the bad news. We had missed the last train home. Man that looked bad. John calmly led us through SF, as we went around trying to call and flag down cabs. We kept looking everywhere, then we headed for a bus stop, hoping to get on it to go to the Transbay Terminail. Rats, missed the last one of those too, and has we sat at that stop, thinking of another plan, we saw a limo. We asked the driver if he could take us to Berkeley and he said hop in. We noticed something smelled funny in the limo and I was quite oblivious as to the odor. Turns out the driver was drunk and high while driving. Lucky for us nothing happened while he drove and we got home safe and sound. Boy was that tiring.

Turns out we were the last party to come back from the floor. Everyone else got home earlier and on time. Turns out Eugene and Daisy may have been seperated, but still made it back to the stop on time (lucky them). Also, we weren’t the only ones who had an adventure home. Turns out Nedim ran into Fred and Andrew and they all missed the MUNI too. They, on the other hand, managed to flag down a cab, but then on the trip realized they had no money. Fred thought it was best to just bail out when they got home, but fortunately for them, Nedim had his credit card and paid for the cab. Oh wait an adventure this day was.

It’s amazing we managed to get some photos in. Click here for an album of pics.