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The “danger” of Online Surveys

So we’ve all done a few of those surveys and our friends do that too. But did you know those kinds of survey’s could lead to people *gasp* finding out our interests *gasp*, particularly *gasp* online predators *gasp*?

From a Dateline NBC article on Myspace:

Stafford: You don’t think you gave him any private information?
Amber: No. I don’t believe I did.
Stafford: But what did you find out about Amber?
Det. Dannahey: Her real name. Your birthday. And you have a 377– question survey in your page,
Amber: Oh! I forgot about that.
Det. Dannahey: … which if I really was a predator, that would be just the kind of information that could maybe years ago, take me months talking to you to get that kind of information.

*Dun Dun Dun* The survey exposed that girl to a predator. *Dun Dun Dun*

Alright all kidding aside, predators are serious business and teaching kids to protect themselves is important. But seriously, the way these kinds of shows make everything seem so dangerous (which I know has been going on for years so don’t tell me that) is crazy. And then take a look at this sample profile that lists all the common mistakes of Myspace users, all the fun features are considered dangerous.

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