2 Replies to “The “danger” of Online Surveys”

  1. There’s always some type of paranoia going around, whether it be terrorist attacks or sexual predators. The car chase phenomenon is also “in” right now too. Just to see a car randomly drive around avoiding the police seems to be very interesting to many viewers…

    Yes predators are dangerous so shut yourself in a small box and never come out.

    People just have to be careful of what they put online, period. No one is safe, not even a hammer sitting on the porch (hammer-napped!).

    Any ways, how are you doing? Long time no message, dude.

    1. Yeah I know, I don’t use LJ enough.

      Sorry I took so long to reply. I’ve been insanely busy and put off from doing anything I consider fun like LJ. It’s stressful, but at times it’s pretty rewarding.

      Since a few people have asked on my life status, I’ll write more about it in a future LJ post.

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