Seeking Employment

I’m now employed by the College Writing Department here at Berkeley. I work as a Media Liaison (actually student assistant, but my boss told me that was my title). I’ll be building the web site for a professor’s R&C class, and helping out with her general technology like setting up laptops, and Mac troubleshooting. Should be fun and easy.

Meanwhile, I just set up a new website: I’m basically using it as kind of portfolio and collecting ground for the things I’ve done so far, and trying to use it as a marketing platform for myself (like I don’t do that enough already). Hope I can maintain it.

Edit: I just wanted to mention that while the site was built by me, all the components were built by someone else; I just put them together to me. The blogging software, the extra functions, and even the design were made by someone else. The joys of open source software and sharing allow this, which makes it ultra-fabulous. I describe this more in the About this site page.

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  1. Nice site. I didn’t know you know Linx and Php! But shouldn’t you put a picture of yourself on the frontpage rather than the comic book pic? Btw, what language did you use to make your site?

  2. Webstuff

    Yeah I thought about using pictures of myself, but I really didn’t have enough good ones.

    I know some Linux and PHP, but I’m not that good with it. I know enough of it to build a site. The site is built with WordPress, which uses PHP. I would totally recommend building any personal website with it.

  3. The design isn’t mine though

    It was designed by some other guy. I mentioned that in my About this site page, along with what I used to build the site. It’s called Plain Vanilla.

    Thank you for mentioning that gmail screenname.

  4. Re: Webstuff

    Lol. Hang out with me and I’ll take millions of pictures for you =)
    I’ll hang out with you more, but only if you leave your camera at home…hehe.

    Yeah I’ve learned a lot about tools for building websites, so feel free to ask for more. I’m going to try building a sample community site with Drupal sometime, which is great for people who need a lot more than a blog and photogallery.

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