Summer is over

So I finished my internship at U.S. News and World Report two weeks ago. The web team had both lunch and dinner paid for by the company, as both part of my going away and the launch of the college rankings, to which I had to stay at the office until 10 PM helping to get those things up. Also not to be missed is our College flashback feature, where we ask celebs about their college experiences. I helped quite a bit with it, and even got to speak to this week’s celeb, Buzz Aldrin.

I had been resting in Los Angeles with my family for a little while, before going back to Berkeley. I got to show my parents the Best Colleges issue (which had my name on the masthead as producer). Down in LA, I saw The 40-year Old Virgin, which was a great movie and went to see the crappy, but still in contention LA Dodgers at Chavez Ravine. All in all a good rest before going back to Berkeley.

So many things to do in Berkeley. Frat rush, podcasting, launching the new ADPHI blog (not up yet, but our new web design is pretty slick), turning 21 (two more weeks) and more are some of the things I’ve got to work on.