In a few words…

One of the many Jennifers I know: “I get so stressed out having to check my email all the time.”
Me: “You know a lot of productivity experts say not to check email all the time to keep yourself focused”
Her reply: “Do you have a philosophy for everything?”

The Photo guy at U.S. News after I describe what happens to the human body after prolonged low gravity conditions: “So is space travel your beat or something?”
Me (meekishly): “No, I’m just into it”

Rayna (after I complained about movie theater prices and commercials): “Do you know how angry I’d be if I knew how I was being screwed on everything?”
Me (rhetorically): “Why do you think I’m so angry all the time?”

Me: “So I think the week before I started, the web team got Google hats. I so wanted one.”
Vicky H.: “Oh come on. Seriously, would you really want a Google hat?”
Me (in a very serious tone): “Yes…I…would.” (not that I’d wear it though)

Somebody from LexisNexis after noticing my constant smiling: “You’re either the happiest guy in the world or you’re up to no good.” (at the time I was thinking of ways to outsmart her, so probably the latter)

If you watch CBS, you might see those commercials for the show “how I met your mother…” In one of them, the character Neil Patrick Harris is excited about something and says emphatically, “yes, this is totally going in my blog.” I can see me being him in the next few years. Oh what am I saying, I already say that…