In Praise of Mark Cuban

It’s possible you may have heard this already, but I just have to say it: Mark Cuban has to be one of the coolest, if not the coolest billionaire on the planet. Why? Because he doesn’t act like every other stereotypical billionaire. Even though he owns a movie studio, his studio wasn’t one of the ones suing the file sharing program Grokster. Instead, he was funding Grokster’s defense, and in essence defending the rights of people to file-share (which by the way, even though Grokster lost, doesn’t mean that it is illegal to use). He’s also fighting the music industries lawsuits against people who are using file-sharing programs. Cuban shows up to every Dallas Mavericks game (as the owner), dressed in jeans and a Mavericks shirt. And during home games, he has his email address displayed on the score board. Not to some pr address, his specific Mavericks address, which then sends the messages directly to him and his Sidekick. Unlike most people, he takes the time to read your emails and reply back (not everyone, but a good amount of them). And as if he weren’t accessible enough, he even blogs at Blog Maverick.

So what makes Mark Cuban so cool? Basically, he’s a special guy who doesn’t act special.

Now, you may wonder why I just wrote an entire post on Mark Cuban. Well I wrote him an email requesting an interview with U.S. News. Sure enough, in ten minutes, he got back to me with a very real yes. It was two lines of text and he signed his name “m” on it. Very cool.

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  1. Who is Mark Cuban?

    He is basically a billionaire who basically owned a few computer companies like and sold them others like Yahoo. He is now most famous for being the owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team. His bio from Wikipedia.

    I guess I’m enjoying myself here. I’ve had some good assignments lately. I’ll be posting up something more about what I’m doing in DC later.

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