More Space on the internet

I’ve been tempted to get a Myspace account (apparently it’s now the most popular social networking site and very popular among the high school kids now), but I really didn’t see the point. My facebook list is comprehensive enough (and I have a few extra friends on Friendster), and for all the friends I don’t have on any of those lists, they won’t join any of those sites. It seems like too much of a hassle to go looking for people all the time too (which was one of the main reasons I got a facebook account, much easier to find people from a central focal point like a university).

I did just create a Yahoo 360 page though, which just allowed anyone to make an account. It’s basically an attempt to integrate Yahoo‘s feature set more closely which is a good idea. I had a Photo album on Yahoo and a Launchast station, so it’d be nice to share that. I like it it’s future features too (namely RSS integration, which means Flickr and Livejournal displayed on one page). Now if Amazon had something like this, that would be extremely amazing as well. And Google, you have Orkut and Blogger, and yet you seem to do so little with them. I mean blogger doesn’t even have categories for blog posts (then again neither does Livejournal, but it least we have tags and memories). Get on the ball.

I’d probably take a Linkedin invite, just because people have been using it for business. I’ll definetly those kind of contacts in the future.