More Summer 2005 Musings

To all the people at US News who found my blog because Vicky included it in the interns email, welcome. It’s not much, but it’s my home page for now. Hope you enjoy it. I also blog a more stimulating (i.e. not about me) blog about UC Berkeley over at

-So that Easy Map I blogged about last time, I seem to have lost it. And it came in real handy too. Oh well, I have another more complicated map for navigation as well, but it was nice knowing where businesses were thanks to that map.

-I’ve been slowly talking to more of my fellow interns on an infrequent basis. We had an office party today (really should have brought my camera), so I got to meet more people who work for the magazine (they work the floor above me, so I never really see them too often). Seems like there will be a few parties and a few intern get togethers at the office, so more chances to talk to people.

-I’m currently laying out plans for a new personal webpage that can do a lot more than this livejournal can. No I’m not abandoning the Livejournal, but I need another site to put all of my stuff together in one place and try to market myself more to outside employers (and for the fun of it). I hope to have it already by late August or early September.

-It bares repeating this point again: If you’ve seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, remember that scene in the beginning of the movie when he asks “Why is it I always fall for someone who shows the slightest interest?” That’s how I feel way too often.

-I think I’ve gotten pretty adjusted to the new time zone, but some things are different experiences that are made vastly different on this side of the country. Watching sports on TV is so much better on the West Coast. Games like the NBA finals start earlier, which means being able to watch the entire game before midnight. It also means being able to watch primetime programs after the game.

Bloglines is a great web site, in that it allows the user to watch all his/her RSS feeds on a webpage. What I find interesting is the number of subscribers to any website. Indicative of the fact that RSS is a new technology which is kind of obscure and only for computer nerds, the most popular site is Slashdot: News for Nerds with over 35,000 subscribers. Time magazine with it’s millions of subscribers, by comparison, only has a little over 450 (and US News only has a little over 400). It could be indicative of what some people want out of the web and what people want in their mail boxes every week.

BTW, here are the RSS feeds on my bloglines account:

Alright, that should tide over my update fix for a little while. Until next time.