Now anybody can see you ordering cheesesteaks

fineness or finesse?
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Oh the glory that is Flickr. It can let you find just about anything, provided you take the time to put a tag on it or upload it to a group. So many cool things you can do with it too like this graph of your friends or the world map.

But you know, sometimes allowing anybody to find your photos might not be something the subject wants. Anybody else find it a little disconcerting to find out some guy had taken and posted your picture behind your back (not say that he did of course)? I mean I sure as hell don’t want to see a picture of me at IB Hoagies showing up on the Internet unless I know the person who took it. Then again this picture has met with positive reviews, so I guess if she ever found it, maybe she’d be thankful.

(BTW, she does look cute, but maybe she looks different from the front.)