My Laptop: RIP

Updating just now. My Compaq Laptop, which I’ve had since freshman year of college, finally broke down. According to Justin Wong, it’s most likely a capacitor. It can be fixed, but the cost would far exceed just getting a new computer. He lent me a computer for a little while until I buy my new one.

It’s made life a little bit more difficult, seeing as how my notes were on it and I used it as my primary communications medium. Plus, my extracurriculars kind of depend on me having a computer (blogging on Calstuff and posting news on One). Oh well.

Other news, the pledges threw an awesome party on Saturday. Got to see a lot of people like Fred and Sean from the dorms, and Loraine (Lewis’s girlfriend) and her friend Susan. The theme was “Athletes and Catholic School Girls.”

Me, with Hoam (left) and Jennifer (right)

I look so creepy. What’s weird though is I don’t think those are my hands in that picture.