How everyone who isn’t Romanian knows this song

You’ve probably all seen that video of that guy lip syncing to this Romanian pop Dragostea Din Tei by O-Zone (or the Numa Numa Video). If you haven’t, I just put up the link to one with some odd footage attached:

Numa Numa

(via Seth Godin)

3 Replies to “How everyone who isn’t Romanian knows this song”

  1. Omg… I seriously just wasted twenty minutes of my life watching that. And done so happily. Thank you.

    In the original music video, did o-zone danced like he did?

    1. Never seen the original

      This blog post has more about the song and links to other flash movies. Ironically, the only link that doesn’t work is the one to the original.

      1. Re: Never seen the original

        Lol, that’s cool. I did a search online and saw the original music video. It was okay but no where as cool as the numanuma guy!

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