Tahoe Weekend

Don’t want to say to much about it. It was relaxing to say the least. Frat Bro Jack took a few pictures, so I thought I’d share two. There are a lot more and better ones; I’ll add more when it’s not late at night.

That’s me in the hood, standing next to Justin W. Back row, left to right: Joey P, Eric, Patrick, and Vik.

The trees

3 Replies to “Tahoe Weekend”

    1. The guy next to me

      That’s Justin Wong; he lives out of house so that’s why you’ve never met him. He doesn’t actually look like me when you see him in real life though.

      Update your journal. I don’t know what’s going with you anymore. We definetly need to hang out sometime (I’m good to do so this week if you want).

      1. Re: The guy next to me

        Ahhh… I guess it’s just the smile and the face shape then.

        Lol, I will, I will update. But yeah, we need to hang out. I just drop a class (from 21 units to 18) so right now I’m just trying to catch up. But maybe next week or the week after?

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