Home for the Holidays

Well, I’m on a modem connection again. That neighbor I had been leeching (I mean borrowing) high speed internet from wirelessly seems to have moved his router or something. Drat. Oh well, minor inconvenience.

I got home at around Tuesday. I’ve spent a good amount of time trying to soak up all the changes since I last left. My parents finally replaced that old refrigerator with a new and bigger one, though it seems kind of weird to get one when both me and my brother spend most our time in college anyway. They also got an HDTV, which would be totally sweet if it wasn’t so darn confusing to set up. Geez.

On Friday, I saw some of my high school friends like koenma, thanks to some awesome planning by Matthew. We all had lunch down at Monterey Park and then played miniature golf (I sucked, but hey I got one hole-in-one). Fun time.

Sunday came the post-Christmas family lunch with uncles, aunts, and cousins. We don’t seem to talk much to each other, probably due to the age difference (I’m 20, most of my cousins are like 15 or younger) or the fact that we don’t get together much in the first place.

Alright, I’m done with the first half of the holiday update. Next time, Holiday Bowl and New Years? What does it all mean?

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  1. Oh god Allen, I have had horrible internet troubles too. My parents’ computer is completely decrepit, which we have known for some time now, but at the present moment when it turns on it displays many lines and strange, otherworldly colors. So I had to set-up a dial-up connection on my laptop. Dial-up is soooooooo slow. I forget how slow it is. I was without internet for three days and I went crazy. I’m glad you got to see old friends…I hope you are having a great time at home. I saw a quasi-high school friend and some people thought we were married and then we went back to my house and built a church out of graham crackers, Dots, Twizzlers, M&Ms, and frosting.

    1. Why the heck would they think you were married?

      That’s just odd. Not something I’d think right away, but that’s just me. Nice to know you did have fun though.

      Yeah dial-up just sucks. If I thought my parents would use a high-speed connection, I’d suggest they get one.

      Those lines sound like a monitor problem. My old one used to do that a lot, but the computer still worked. It’s not exactly something you want to spend money on, but it’s cheaper than buying a whole new system.

      Anyways, hope you are having a happy holiday.

      1. Re: Why the heck would they think you were married?

        They probably thought we were married because so many people my age from my town are already married and having children that when they saw us together in the grocery store they just assumed. Shopping together, I don’t know. This is the land of the Mormons. It was really funny because the bagger asked my friend what sort of bag we wanted, and he said he didn’t know and asked me. Then the bagger presumed that we were married and said to my friend, “Oh, gotta check with the boss? [knowing smile] I sure know how that is, man.” It was HILARIOUS. As we exited the store, I put my arm in his and said, “Let’s go home, darling.”
        Thank you for the advice about the monitor. I hadn’t thought of that. The computer acts like it is really sick though. 🙁
        I hope you are having a lovely holiday as well!

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