Oceans with Big Fish and Hebrew Hammers (Yeah it’s a weird title)

So I went out with Chihyon and Shoshanna tonight, the day after the easiest final I’ve ever had at Berkeley (Astrobiology: 60 multiple choice questions, took me 30 minutes to finish). I saw a few movies and I thought I’d share a few thoughts on them.

Ocean’s Twelve: Good movie overall, but not as good as the first (one idea overall involving one of the actresses made the movie totally awesome). A little confusing, but does not want to make me want to see it twice like most people say.

Big Fish: Been waiting to see this for a while. Rented it on DVD with Shoshanna; watched it at her place with Jacqueline. Started off a little awkwardly and there are a few plot holes in my mind, but had some awesome scenes that totally made up for it. It wasn’t nearly as weird as I thought it could have been (it beginning directed by Tim Burton and all), but still very interesting imagery.

The Hebrew Hammer: I was seeing it on late night Comedy Central and all I have to say is “wow this movie is bad.” How it ever got made I have no idea. It has the stupidest plot, stupidest ideas, and so much bad acting. I didn’t know how bad movies could get until I saw this.

Anyways, off to bed I go.