Brief Entry

Nothing really new to report. Thanksgiving was interesting. I spent it over at my aunt’s house in San Francisco; it’s a shame my family couldn’t make it up north, but oh well. My brother and sister are probably too busy trying to get the Lincoln High School Academic Decathlon to team to the State Championships for the first time and are looking to break all sorts of school records. Go team.

Last Saturday, we had the last party for the semester over at Alpha Delta Phi. It was smaller than the last, which was actually kind of a good thing since there was less crowding, and it was easier to talk to people since everyone was essentially a friend of a brother some how. I must say though that it was a little disappointing to see just about every cute girl there with some other guy, but that’s the way it goes in Berkeley I suppose. The big plus of the party though was getting our name out to a lot of people who never used to party with us and it gets our name out to the community that this is an active and partying frat. This is no longer just an obscure frat and I’m looking forward to getting the word across even further in the next few semesters, where we can hopefully get some good pledges from outside the house to participate in the frat events and further spread the word.

Now it is time for me to get some sleep and study hard for finals. Oh jeez.

Funny QuotePatrick Gallagher: “Yeah we were talking about the perfect girl for Allen one time…”
Me: “You were?”
Patrick: “Well we were really drunk at the time.”