I have time to update now.

So, Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it couldn’t have come any sooner. It’ll be good for me to catch up on some lost sleep (of course, if I really wanted to do that, then I wouldn’t be writing my journal this late at night now, would I?). Now, usually I put up some random stuff in between a long update and the next. Not this time. Sit back and read on about last week.

Last Tuesday, I went down to Ben and Jerry’s with Jacqueline and her Christian youth group. They were suppose to go to celebrate all the November birthdays, but surprisingly no one had one. Oh well, we went any way and enjoyed some good ice cream. Did I mention that I went there with a bunch of girls? It’s not a bad thing, sure. However, when they start talking like you aren’t there, then you have problems. I mean they started talking about all sorts of female matters from tampons to Disney heroines to fisting and by the time we got to that, I called it a night. Well, I’m here at Berkeley to learn something.

After exploring Christianity for a few weeks, I decided to check out Judaism for a week and went with Shoshana to Berkeley Hillel last Friday. I didn’t expect this much Hebrew and I had a really hard time following it until near the end of the service. Then, we walked over to her apartment and watched the movie Donnie Darko. It was an engaging movie, though I will say it left me hanging a bit at the end. So, I recommend watching it, but acknowledge it has a very glaring fault. By the time the movie was over, I was already sleepy and I had to crash on her roommate’s futon.

I was then woken up the next morning by Vicky who, because of my messed up hair, thought I was Joey. Anyways, I proceeded to watch TV with her for a few hours. It was funny; we ended up watching such a variety of shows such as Fresh Gear, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Beverly Hills, 90210, and Access Hollywood. It was also Big Game day as it was Cal vs. Stanford for the 106th time. And for a brief moment, I doubted the Golden Bears’ offense, but boy was I wrong. Final score 28-16, Cal. Looks like Insight.com bowl here we come. After a brief detour to Comics and Comix, me and few frat bros went down to Pinole for In and Out burger, when who do I run into again, but Vicky, who went there with some other Alpha Delts. After eating, we go on the freeway, when Jared has the bright idea to moon have Patrick change lanes and moon Nick’s car. That was hilarious.

After a slow Sunday, Jacqueline, Kyle, Nick, Vicky, and I treated Joey to a belated birthday dinner at Gypsy’s on Monday. It’s sad that we need big occasions to get us all together again, but oh well. I think we all had fun, putting aside school work for a chance to talk at the dinner table and catch up on all the little things.

And now here I am finishing this update. Hope you enjoyed it.

Funny QuoteMe: “So, I found this book on Amazon that says that Chinese people arrived in America before Columbus and set up colonies.”
Nick Gonzalez: “So you mean to tell me there were fobs here before Columbus?”
Me: *plants hand on face* “Uhhhhh”