Ask and You shall receive

So Jacqueline wanted me to write some new things. Well, there have been a lot of new things that I feel like writing about. I wonder if I can write everything I want to write. Let’s find out…

So last week, we had frat elections and after having no positions last semester, I now have 3: secretary, literary chair, and philanthropy . I hope I can do a good job and so far I have a bunch of ideas. I could use some help with literary events that would be good. There should be a Shakespeare Kegger (drinking and Shakespeare make a decent combination), Improv comedy night (’nuff said, this should be good), some kind of reading and discussion club (have to decide what to read though), and some other events like poetry slams and such. I hope to make this a fun semester and if you have any ideas for events, feel free to comment.

Speaking of literary events, the Shakespearean Kegger was at the house the week before elections. I honestly didn’t think it would be fun, but what do I know? Frat Bro Andy managed to get a bunch of people from the snowboarding team together and a bunch of others who were telling me afterwards how great a time they had. I also managed to pull out this weird British accent on the fly, and it certainly got me some praises. The one problem I had though, was that due to my unfamiliarity with Comedy of Errors (the play), I had no idea when to do be funny and when to be serious. But the weirdest part of the night was seeing somebody sitting in the audience doing their math homework. Gee, it sure is a smart move studying in a room with loud, drunk people isn’t it? Ah freshmen.

The night after I went done to some gathering called Interpraise for all the Christian fellowships. Nice little concert and an interesting sermon on fear was put on that night. I thought it appealed to a very wide audience of people. Then, I went home and surprise, surprise I saw Vicky and Jacqueline over at the frat house. I had forgotten that Air Force ROTC had their annual Crud night party at the house. That was interesting, as I got to see a bunch of the men and women in the armed forces party. Wow, it got so wild they had like 10 people dancing on the pool table.

Then, on Saturday, I went grappling with Joey, frat bro Jacob and David Marquardt. Dang, Jacob pulled my elbow a bit with an arm bar. Man that hurt. Then after letting my arm recover a bit, Joey and I met up with Vicky to go see Matrix Revolutions. I can’t believe Joey liked it and that he called me a conformist for agreeing with everyone else about how bad the movie was. The fact is the movie moves in no direction, no plot, no exposition, no explanation, and it’s missing a multitude of important scenes (not mentioned as to not spoil it for anyone who still hasn’t seen it). Whereas The Matrix was a movie with many unconventional ideas and exploration into human thought, Revolutions offers only mindless action. That would have been okay if it went along with the plot, but it didn’t, as the first movie was appuladed for making the action blend with the plot well. So instead, the movie falls flat on its face. Sorry.

Anyways, I just realized I just wrote an entry devoted to the week before this and talking very little about this last week. Well, there’s an event on Monday that I hope will be good to add. So wait for it.

Interesting Fact-I think many people know that there are two University of Miamis, one near Miami, Florida and one in Oxford, Ohio. However, I had no idea there was a school called California University, in Pennsylvania. Check them out at (reading that out loud must be hilarious).

Campbells is donating a can of soup to the homeless every time someone goes to their website and clicks on their favorite NFL team. It will take two seconds…so do it and help some people out… also forward this to everyone you know… [From Takehito Midori]