Great weekend and the best party ever

On Friday, I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean for the second time. It didn’t excite me to see it a second time, especially when it was going to be me and Joey only at first. Turns out our group of two turned into a group of 10. Granted, I don’t think I’ll see like 4 of them again, but frat guys Billy and Jesse were there, as were Jacqueline and Shoshana. I had a good time, but we left two guys behind, which I kind of felt bad about. Not only that, but I hate Joey’s insistence that he must sit next to a girl when we go to the movies, who in this case was some girl named Julie he met at his Christian fellowship. It’s not like it matters too much, though; at least he didn’t hesitate to tell her that I was his best friend, which was cool. After the movie, I took Shoshana back to her place, where we saw frat bro Nick and Sho’s roommate Vicky watching Conan ‘O Brien. So that’s what they done together after I set them up? I left about 20 minutes later, and jetted home. All in all, a better night than I expected.

It’s been 3 days past it, but I think the party we had at Alpha Delta Phi on Saturday was the best party thrown by a frat this year. There was an awesome turn out, thanks in part to all the frats going down south to UCLA for the game (Cal lost 23-20 in OT). Everything went well, plus it was great seeing old floormates Sean, Fred, Joey, Wenjie, and Vicky in the same place again. It was just awesome hearing that Joey was dancing; he never dances, so you know the party had to be fun. Great music, great crowd, just awesome atmosphere. Just wish I didn’t have to bartend so much that night, but I met some girl named Emily and her friend from LA (she just had to keep reminding me about how she was so happy she remembered my name). Nothing happened though; she wasn’t very attractive and I had nothing to talk to her about. Oh well. Great party overall, and the best Alpha Delt party in a long time.

Funny Quotemnk17fx (2:09:02 AM): Jacob said like “dude I so wanted to bring you (referring to me) to food orgy [over at Loth, where they get naked and cover themselves in chocolate], but I couldn’t find you”
knightangel007 (2:09:48 AM): that’s great
knightangel007 (2:09:55 AM): I would have never sat next to you again
mnk17fx (2:09:59 AM): haha
mnk17fx (2:10:19 AM): I don’t think I could have sat next to my self