That was not completely random…

I don’t know why, but I suppose my train of thought is not exactly what we call normal sometimes. I suppose it’s either keen mental quickness or a couple of screws loose in my mental facilities (personally, I like to think it’s a bit of both). Well whether or not it was random, I did think about the following:

-Am I honestly that nice? Like so many people keep saying “you know Allen, you’re really nice” or “you’re so nice.” I guess I could be, since I seem to live to help people. After all, it is my 24 hour-a-day, seven-day a week job. I guess people don’t find a lot of that nowadays or something.
-You know if I was honestly bothered by a lot of people asking me for favors, people wouldn’t be asking if you know what I mean. However, if I do something for you, I do expect some favors done for me. It’s only fair.
-A lot of people I’ve talked to have reached the same conclusion about this summer’s music as I have, in that it sucked royally. I mean a lot of it was just bad and some others sounded exactly the same as each other. Nothing really stood out and that was the major problem. However, John Mayer and Fountains of Wayne could mean redemption for the music industry.
-Speaking of music, anybody get a lot beeps and hisses on the files they download off Kazaa? Man is it annoying. Well, it maybe time to switch to another file sharing program, as it is caused by a company called Overpeer which set up servers for other people to download these bogus files on Kazaa. I guess WinMX wins as my next best alternative for now, but I really wished they cleaned the ugly interface.
-It’s starting to bother me how people can hate people in general, especially people they never meet like celebrities. I guess I’m a little idealistic about this, but seriously it seems to take little effort to hate someone and it seems to expend energy to be nice. It should be vice versa and it could be good to expend some energy towards hating people, towards liking them.

Alright off I go. See ya.