The Cafe Milano incident where nothing happened

No, this wasn’t as bad as the Crossroads incident where I spilled soda on Joey’s friend Elaine or when I bumped into some dude at the Unit 3 cafeteria and made him spill his soda. This didn’t even involve spilling of any kind. This was just plain old stupidity on my part. This happened on Thursday, September 11 when I went out to Cafe Milano with Eddie and his boyfriend Joe and two people from my physics discussion named Hamid and Jennifer to do the physics homework. Having already finished the homework the night before, I was just there to help, but being bored I was free to joke around and make silly comments, thereby lightening the mood. It seems to have worked since I managed to get a few laughs and then I saw that I made a very seemingly attractive girl sitting at the table and just smile. And every so often I saw her tilt her head ever so slightly and listen to the banter that went on. I guess I should have invited her over, seeing as how she was just sitting by herself, but I doubt physics would have interested her much. Then, the group decided to call it a night and go home, but me, Eddie, and Joe stayed behind to catch up a bit. I spoke to Eddie about the damsel and he had noticed the same thing. He had told me to go over and talk to her and I was hesitant. Then, we decided to go home and I left that girl behind without saying anything. After telling some other people about it, they were apparently stunned by my failure to act.

Glenn 1 18 85 (11:09:08 PM): dude what were you thinking
Glenn 1 18 85 (11:11:04 PM): dude you shoulda have said something
Glenn 1 18 85 (11:11:43 PM): you don’t just pass an opportunity like that

Crossminded186 (2:23:39 AM): its just another opportunity that slipped by

mnk17fx (3:24:56 PM): i told my friend back home [about it], he was like “you idiot”
BearPaw402 (3:25:02 PM): lol
BearPaw402 (3:25:09 PM): Im thinking the same thing man
BearPaw402 (3:25:24 PM): I was just trying not to say it

mnk17fx (1:48:54 AM): you know something, a lot of the guys i’ve talked to say i’m an idiot for not talking to that girl at cafe milano
VickyD8183 (1:49:02 AM): you were
mnk17fx (1:49:07 AM): you too?
VickyD8183 (1:49:28 AM): yeah, but i didn’t want to say it

superman92684 (3:52:50 PM): DAMN
superman92684 (3:52:54 PM): U ARE AN IDIOT

Ah well, I shouldn’t put much stock into this I guess, but I thought the comments were pretty funny.