Comic books for free (or close)

Over the last few years, I’ve grown a bit obsessive about DC and Marvel Comic book superheroes. It’s a real shame that it is dying medium. You may be saying “what about all the comic book movies coming out?” Well when was the last time you actually read or seen a comic book? Probably a very long time. It’s just the heroes are popular, but comic books themselves are not. It’s unfortunate though, as the writing, the art, and even the paper are better than ever. Why are they not popular? It’s probably due to the fact that comic shops are becoming less frequent and that the stigma of being child’s play still hangs over them. Not only this, but the notorious continuity that only geeks (like me) follow. These factors make comics totally inaccessible to readers.

This lack of demand, though, leads to some good bargains for the consumer though. To attract readers, comics are coming out in cheap limited additions. For example, one issue of Batman and Superman cost just 10 cents. Marvel released a 9 cent addition of Fantastic Four and a Daredevil issue for 25 cents. Plus on their websites, they are offering free sample pages on the books, and even whole issues.

And for the big news. Go to a participating comic book store Saturday, May 3 (the day after X-2 comes out) and you can receive a free comic book. Go to to find out what you can get for free and to find a store near you.

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