Week in Review #1

Please note: I think I’m forgetting some stuff that happened, but I think I can add more stuff later.

Thursday (April 24)– RHA presents a boat dance, a semi-formal occasion for students to dance and have fun. Overall, I had more fun than I thought I would, but as always I am plagued by bad timing as I went on the earlier bus and left earlier than most of my friends. That left me out of a lot of pictures and festivities too. Ah well, I guess that’s because I was without my main crew. I got home at like 12 AM and then stayed up that night doing English homework and complaining about my sore feet. It reminded me of one reason why I don’t usually have fun at these functions.
Not this time though. I guess I just became less self-conscious and just let things flow, as opposed to every other time. Or maybe I felt better, because I knew more people or felt like socializing more. My parents may think college has turned into a person they don’t like, but honestly I think I’m a better person now. I’m nicer, friendlier, and I feel better about myself.
Question-Why were girls dancing with each other when there were guys just standing right next to them? If you know me, you know I like to question things that just seem rather odd to me, and this is one of them. I mean this isn’t junior high; it’s college. We’re not suppose to be afraid of the opposite sex.
Friday (April 25)-Happy birthday to my floormate Jessica, who turned 19.
MCBusa’s ice cream social. Had a scavenger hunt. My team won and we got cool t-shirts and candy. There was also ice cream, but that’s why they call it an ice cream social. I also got to know some cool people in my club, but I wish more people went, as we had ice cream for 30 in a room of ten.
Saturday (April 26)-Looking forward to this one for a while. It was the night of Reggae by the Pool, a party thrown at my frat. Great band called Pacific Vibrations played and there were plenty of people. Loads of fun, up until the cops broke it up. Bummer. Spent remainder of the night talking to friends at Mandarin House and in the hallway. Wenjie wondered why we didn’t do that more often. She’s right about that, but incorrectly blamed it on Dave, who left us for a frat. No way. There’s really no one to blame, but ourselves and our busy schedules.
A girl from UCLA came over to the floor the other day and made a druken mess of herself, but the worst part was I was sort of attracted to her drukenness, That is so evil of me to think that.

Revelation-I write this for a very small audience. Namely myself. Should I tell more people about it? Thanks for those who used to come, now I need them back.
Revelation-This journal isn’t funny any more. Well hey, who said it had to be?

Cool Program-Windows Media Fun Pack-Microsoft just released a few add-ons to Windows Media Player. One is some cool new visualizations. The other is quite useful for Livejournal users, a blogging plugin. It will allow the detect music buttons on livejournal to detect the music from Windows Media Player (the button previously worked with Winamp and Musicmatch only).