“My profile” or “Nash”

Taken from a couple of Friendster testimonals:

“I believe the best thing about Allen is his honesty. It is the best thing about Allen. Because of that I can trust him on what he says. The other thing is really good about him is that he’s a hard worker. Honest and hardworking, cant go wrong with that!” (Minh)

“Oh, my dear Allen…Allen is my buddy, and I am grateful for that, because he has to put up with a lot of my worrying =) hehe…I remember when I first met him in the dorms and we were commenting on how cliques were already beginning to form in the first few weeks of classes, but he let me into his clique. I also love that we IMed each other more than talking to each other in person even though we lived across the hall from each other…thank you, Allen, for all the fun and for being a good friend. Allen is most awesome!!” (Jacqueline)

“My ego never really recovered since Allen kicked my ass. I mean seriosuly, you might think that those rediculous bulging muscles were just for show down at chippy D’s, you might even say so… and then you’d get your ass kicked like I did. When he’s not poppin ‘roids, Allen is takin care of business. I’ve known you for like two months and you have already saved my ass twice, once from that fucking laptop business meeting emergency, and the other time for pointing out the perfect job offer that I would have just let slip away. Allen is a man of honor, of courage… in short, a D among Dales.” (Ashcoup)

“haha..so Allen has a sense of humor, who woulda thunk it? Under the brains lives a funny man of true hunkiness. Just look at that body!”(Sandy)