Big Fred

1.Heroic Name-Big Fred (AKA The Titan)
2. Real Name-Fred Vasquez
3. Place of Origin-Riverside, CA
4. Major-Undeclared, either Mass Communications, Rhetoric, or History
An incredible physical specimen, Fred Vasquez is a natural athlete who excels at just about every physical sport. After winning several accolades in athletics, though, he had felt a bit unfulfilled and a needed direction in his life. He then began to notice the horror of the crime around his streets. Seeing his neighborhood become corrupted by crime, he donned the identity of the Titan, a powerful crime fighter who used his athletic ability to defeat less physically-adept humans. More of a shoot first, ask questions later type, he frequently gets into scrapes with the Joey, who follows a more defensive style. Yet both have a mutual respect for each other, for they both fight along side each other for justice. Should the need arise, the Titan is always on call in case the Superfriends need more of his muscle and competitive instinct.