I'm going to WordCamp 2007

I'm going to WordCamp Thanks to my job at Urban League, I’ll be headed up north to San Francisco for the Wordcamp 2007 conference. Looks like it will feature a number of great speakers on the schedule. I won’t be liveblogging, but hopefully I’ll have a recap when I return.

WordPress Widgets for Self-hosted WordPress Blogs

Automattic » WordPress Widgets– Making it a lot easier to edit the sidebar (and possibly more) of your WordPress blog. Supports RSS, so you can already do a lot. It’s already a function of WordPress.com. (via Andy Skelton)

Building Websites with Blogging Software

Seed Magazine was rebuilt with Movable Type. Here’s how it was done.
(via Kottke)

Not that it hasn’t been done before, as Matt Haughey had an article on using Movable Type for all sorts of sites.

Of course, nice websites can be built with WordPress as well, like California Connected. They even allow trackback. I wish I could find the blog post that talks about why they chose it over Movable Type.