My Favorite Twitter Tools


The Twitter ecosystem gets bigger with each passing day and developers are building more and more great tools to use with it. Listed below are some of my favorite ways of using these developer tools with Twitter.

  • Natter– The official Twitter app for Facebook has not been updated for a while (not for a lack of trying on Twitter’s part either).  Fortunately, Natter improves on the official app in a couple of ways.  First, it will actually take links you tweet about and put in a Facebook like preview box with a thumbnail as well.  Second, Twitter names get translated to real names listed on their profiles, so you don’t show off the @username notation.  Lastly, comment replies on Facebook are sent back to your Twitter stream as @mentions from Natterapp, which means you can track your conversation on Twitter.  The one improvement I’d like to see from Natter is to have retweets posted on your Facebook profile like LinkedIn currently does.  Still, if you were looking for a better way to integrate your Twitter and Facebook accounts, this is the app for you.

    Natter syncs your Tweets with Facebook
  • The Archivist-A project from Microsoft’s Mix Online Labs, The Archivist breaks down data on a particular topic on Twitter.  Just type in a search term or a #hashtag and the Archivist will present you with a latest tweet archive for a topic along with a set of visualizations for a given topic such as who has tweeted it the most often, other associated words, what links are associated with that topic, and even what clients are the most popular.  It’s great for the marketing person who wants to know how their Twitter campaign is doing or the data geek who’s wants to know more about a meme they saw.

    The Archivist
    The Archivist
  • Google Search Twitter-Search on Twitter is limited to about 3 days. However, the partnerships Twitter has formed with Google and Microsoft, you can use their search engines to go back further in the Twitter archive.  There are a couple of ways to access it.  On Google, you just type the topic and thing click the real time link on the left hand side.  However, you can also do site specific searches on Google by adding the “” operator and that will limit your searches to tweets.

Well that’s some of my favorite Twitter utilities.  I’m anxious to hear about yours.  Leave me a comment and let me know about them.

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