Commence Walking

It’s been about a week since I walked on stage at the MCB commencement at the Greek Theater last Friday. Yes, I’ll still be around for an extra semester, but I had a chance to walk with some of the people I knew, so I took it. My parents and my brother came up North to see it, but my mom and dad ran off and missed me walk on stage, though. Bummer.

MCB Commencement with Louis
Me with Louis at Commencement (Hopefully I’ll have more pics later).

There was a lot of rain and a couple of other strange things that happened over there. One person barfed before walking on stage, and another person came in wearing a bunny suit. Guess he/she just wanted to hop along.

After that I basically spent a lot of time with the family (both the nuclear and the extended family around the Bay Area), which was good, because I know I don’t spend enough time with them as used to. It was especially important to spend some time with my dad, who recently got sick and had to be hospitalized for a little while.

So now I’m apparently working out in Berkeley for a little while this summer. I’m kind of looking forward to it, because I’ve never actually spent a summer in the Bay Area in my four years here.