Maybe here, maybe there

So a short little life update, which I haven’t done in a while. It’s now finals time in Berkeley, but I don’t necessarily have as many exams as I used to have. That’s probably due to all the papers I’ve had to turn in, including a 20 page paper on AIDS vaccines and antiretroviral drugs (which I must say I was proud to write) and a 12 page paper on Japanese internment (which I some how managed to work a Star Trek reference in). I was amazed I could write 20 pages for a paper, until I found out someone else in my class turned in a 42 page paper. I still wonder how anyone could do so, with a 25 page limit. I did a presentation last week, so I took the liberty of doing a Lawrence Lessig style presentation. If you think Powerpoint presentations are boring, you can try giving them in this style to make things interesting (though it doesn’t work all the time).

What I’m really glad to do is see my family, as they are coming up next week (minus my sister). It’ll be good to see them, especially my dad who recently had some health problems. Meanwhile, I’m staying in the Bay Area for a little while to keep working for the College Writing department. I might do some work with Phi Beta Kappa and one of my professors; we’ll see how that goes. I interviewed for a new job at the Princeton Review, which I’m still waiting to hear back from.

Alright, that’s enough out of me. Back to work.