Are they really my parents?

So I actually spent Thanksgiving in Los Angeles, unlike the previous years like 2005 when I went to my aunt’s house in San Francisco. Since I actually didn’t spend the summer at home this year, I didn’t see my family all that much this year and I think it’s good that I went down to see them. With both me and my brother in college now, and my sister about to enter college, my parents seem to be entering that part of their lives where they’re just going to be doing all sorts of things that retirees do. My mom already takes up sword play and tai-chi, and my dad seems like he’ll be going along with the ride. They were also planning a trip to Vegas, which seems totally weird since they both hate it there and hate traveling. They just seem so much more relaxed than I’ve seen them before. My mom even laughs at my sarcastic comments now, something she never would have done first year of school. Maybe they did finally stop worrying, and realized they did a good job raising their kids.