The joys of advertising

An unfortunate reality of our times is that advertising is every where. TV, movies, Internet, and now even video games now have more and more ads to try and catch your dwindling attention. Unfortunately, with all of these people trying to sell you things you obviously don’t need, I’ve tended to stop paying attention to any of them. However, I do remember a time when I used to be enthralled by Super Bowl commercials and other slick ad pitches that got my attention. Budweiser was always a good advertiser, and today their “Real American” ads featuring the way too much cologne wearer and Geico’s slick advertising of “Tiny House” are some of the best out there. Of course, as Tivo and other commercial skipping devices and programs that mask advertising come out, it’ll be harder to find these gems that are sometimes better than the program they air with. There maybe one place to see these commercials though, Ifilm, which is ironically selling advertising space to show you the commercials.