Oh God no!

This just sickens me:

Bush Fish

They had another info graphic that annoyed me too.

1. I am kind of tired of people not being allowed to express their religious beliefs in public schools. It’s not fair. That said teachers should not be leading group prayers or any other religious ceremonies in schools. Leave that to the child and the individual to do.
2. I’m tired of people trying to assert that evolution isn’t even an explanation. There are school districts not teaching kids about dinosaurs and tectonic plates, because they don’t go with the Bible. Sure.
3. Okay, the fight over “under god” in the pledge was pretty dumb. It’s two little words and not an affirmation to anything (regardless of origin, it has become that way anyway). I’ll concede that point.
4. Again this was pretty dumb. However, I wonder how people would feel if say a Muslim code of laws were hung up in a court of law. I mean if you want the Ten Commandments up, somebody has just an equal right to put any other religious law.
5. Whoa. Nobody ever said Terry Schiavo had no right to live. That is a false allegation. It is whether she had the right to die, than live in her state. That’s a difference.
6. I don’t know where life begins, but I don’t believe that a life begins at birth only. Let’s be clear. A ball of cells is life. Whether or not it is a “human life” is another matter. And if you do call it that, just remember that nature kills off those balls of cells far more often than a person realizes (leaving a lot of “souls” in purgatory).

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