Who knew class projects could be so much fun?

So yesterday I had to get up at 8 AM for a poster presentation (not fun). It was for my Crossroads of Earth Resources class. I did my presentation on open source as a resource paradigm (yeah I know that’s just a word to make dumb people sound smart-Simpsons joke), arguing that people volunteering can do more for the underclass than corporations. People seemed to like the project, though they seemed a bit confused by it. That said, not too many people wandered towards my side of the hall way to look my project, but other people did really good work. I was having one talk with every person on everything and some how managed to tie everything into how much we hated George W. Bush (is there any place I can go without complaining about him?) It’s odd, before this project, I hadn’t made an effort to meet anybody in my class, but afterwards, I think I talked to just about everyone.

Professor George Brimhall then invited us to his house for a BBQ. I had never been to professors house before, yet alone been invited to one. That was so awesome of him to do, and the food was good.

Now, I’m actually looking forward to coming to class on Tuesday.