First Week of Spring 2005

Oh man has it has been a tiring week.

I’m taking a bioethics class this semester. They talk about a lot of interesting ideas; my only concern about the class is the fact that law school students are teaching it. Something about that just seems wrong to me; I mean scientists are the ones working on these projects, not lawyers, and they understand what they work on best. Anyways, they’ve got some interesting things to talk about and I actually the books we’re reading for class. If you’re into science literature, check out Remaking Eden, a book about the future of genetic technology. One idea I thought was cool (not that I wish it would happen) is the idea that there would some people who genetically enhanced themselves so much that they could not have children with unaltered humans, as if they evolved into another species. Trippy. By the way, some of the girls in my class thought the professor was a cute guy. I don’t happen to agree, but you can judge for yourself (he does look better in real life though).

The last few days have been mad at ADPHI. It’s rush week, and while fun, it’s also maddeningly tiring. I mean having to run around and meet people (and having to show them the bathroom), having movie and bar nights, and all sorts of stuff wears you down; it’s only going to get worse to with Broomball and Ultimate Frisbee. Okay, I’ll stop complaining about having fun now. We’re already on our way to four pledges this semester, which isn’t bad, but we can sure use a few more.

Okay, I need to really get some work down. Going to see my old dorm friends and Sideways tonight .

Update: Well, we didn’t end up seeing the movie, due to Nick being overly tardy. We instead played Nor. Cal vs. So. Cal Taboo. Nor. Cal won.

Broomball was a lot of fun, though getting clocked in the face by Eric was pretty bad.