Playing Catchup

Let’s see I haven’t really written in this thing for a while. I guess I’ve been busy or maybe I just haven’t found anything interesting to write about. Well, this has been an interesting last few days, so I’m going to try to blog about it. I’m also tired, so I’ll going to keep it all brief.

-Very cool alumni luncheon we had with the frat. We went down to Alfred’s Steakhouse in San Francisco, for a very good meal. Got to talk to some cool alumni. These things always make me think about my own future though. It seems interesting at how they look back on everything and how different things were. Unbelievable.

-Big Game this year was a lot of fun, though the game went on way to long with the all the penalties. I did get to go crowdsurfing though (being lifted up on your back and then carried by the other people in the stands in hopes of making it all the way to the top). It was also cool walking onto the field (there were so many people, I couldn’t really rush the field) after the game and almost meeting J.J. Arrington, the running back. Very cool.

-Loosely related to football, I’m honestly surprised by the amount of people who don’t know the fight songs. I admit, I stumble on the words a lot, but it’s amazing how people don’t know them. There’s even the song the band never plays that every Cal student should know and that’s the Cal Drinking Song. We sang that song in front of some alumni (not in a frat), and they just looked at us funny. Sad.

-Do not see National Treasure starring Nicholas Cage. Interesting concept of a hidden treasure buried by a secret society, but it was just pulled off badly. Way badly

-On a more positive note, this week is shortened for the Thanksgiving holiday. Very cool.

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