Lies to protect the status quo (reposted)

I had just posted this entry taken from business author, Seth Goldin. This time I decided to add commentary to it.

1. Canadian pharmaceuticals are dangerous
This lie protects the prescription drug companies, allowing them to charge the consumer super high prices to our poor innocent consumer. The logical solution would be to buy them from Canada where generics are cheap and readily available. The drug companies though are saying that doing this is dangerous to the consumer. Oh please. Canada isn’t some third world country where drugs aren’t tested. so they’re perfectly safe. The only thing dangerous is how the Americans have to sneak them down here.

2. Piracy is killing the ongoing creation of music and movies (notice I didn’t say anything about the movie and music businesses)
First let me say that piracy is illegal. It is copyright infringement and that is a crime, because you are taking something that you don’t own and not paying for it. That said, it doesn’t mean that music and movies in general are suffering from piracy though. For one thing, there are plenty of people who have pirated singles from various artists and then want to buy the cds or better quality dvd versions. These people will also go to concerts and screenings and buy other merchandise, which actually makes the artist more money. And with all the piracy technology that’s come out like mp3s, divx, and p2p file sharing programs, independent artists can now distribute all sorts of music and movies that wasn’t possible to do without a lot of funding. Consumers now have more access to more music and more movies than they did before, not less.

3. Dental work lasts forever
Take a look at how long your fillings last.

4. A bottle of Evian is dangerous to airline security and must be surrendered
There are several more dangerous things to worry about than whether or not an ordinary bottle of water is actually a bottle of acid. However, airport security makes you drink from your bottled water to prove it isn’t some toxic chemical. Wow talk about paranoid.

5. The Microsoft monopoly pays dividends to all users (like IE, for example)
I’m sure all those people who have gotten a virus in the last 2 years know exactly how wrong that statement is. Too many people running Microsoft products have made us all vulnerable to attack by just about any bored kid with computer programming skills. Adding the 40 dollars a year for security programs and Microsoft is paying the consumer back greatly.

6. You can’t start a business without venture money or a big bank loan
All those people making money off some e-commerce site like Ebay can tell you that’s not true.

7. Working hard for your boss and following instructions is the best way to get ahead
I’m sure we all know that’s a lie by now.

8. We need to spend taxpayer money on support for traditional factory farming
Somebody mind telling me more about this?

9. It’s impossible to make a fuel efficient automobile Americans will accept
Hybrid cars have totally disproved this. Car manufacturers just needed to stop making fuel efficient automobiles that suck.

10. Who you know is more important than what you do

Good stuff he put up.