Gosh dang I’m old

So surprisingly my 20th birthday didn’t go unnoticed on Thursday. I was honestly surprised by all the birthday emails (though Facebook reminded plenty of people for me). My frat bros sang me “Happy Birthday” on the roof during the night of the blackout (that was on Wednesday night, some transformer blew out). Then we all bust into song, singing (or at least trying to) Kryptonite by Three Doors Down. Let me tell you that didn’t sit to well with the neighbors, but that was fun. On Thursday night, Nick took me Vicky, Shoshana, and Jacqueline down to Chevy’s for some good eating. Fun times were had.

I spent a good part of the day thinking about how things have come. Some have stayed and others have gone, but they were, for better or worse, there. Now I can say good bye to my teenage years (at least numerically). Wow they went by. I saw a kid who was about turn thirteen the other day. It was then that I realized how much of an old man I seemed. I mean I’m always complaining about a lack of energy, today’s music, and I seem to notice my memory isn’t as sharp as it used to be. Just imagine when I’m 80.
If I go crazy then will you still call me Superman
If I’m alive and well, will you be there holding my hand
I’ll keep you by my side with my superhuman might

I just had to put that up.
Interesting Fact– I was born on September 9th at 9:00 PM. So I was born on the 9th day of the 9th month on the 9th hour (okay so it’s really the 21st hour, but come on).

Alright, one that’s less about me. “The country of Andorra has no unemployment, which is just as well because they have no broadcast TV channels either.” Source: Nationmaster.com

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    1. When you put it that way…

      Yeah I guess I can’t really do anything that I couldn’t do before. Just time passes us by so much. I mean it’s already been like 2 years of Berkeley.

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