While at Work

I started work at the Hollywood Bowl for my second summer on Monday.  It isn’t exactly intellectually stimulating work (I mean I pick up leaves and trash for most of the day), it does afford me a lot of time to think.  And so comes another list of thoughts I’ve pondered.

-On the job, you run into lots of people looking for the box office.  The thing is it’s really easy to find, but there’s no sign telling people where it is at the main entrance.  That means we have to tell them where it is over and over again.  I must ask for that sign soon.

-On Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood is the blandest Pier 1 I’ve ever seen.  I mean it has a nice entrance, but the buildings exterior is just a plain white with no trims or anything.  You’d think this wouldn’t be the case for a store that supposedly helps you make your home not look so plain.

-You know, people say there aren’t a lot of attractive-looking people in Berkeley.  I, on the other hand, think there are quite a few attractive people there and it’s not too hard to find them at least in comparison to most public places. With the exception of some places (the beach comes to mind), just taking glances around the area probably won’t yield a good “view” of somebody attractive, but I could be wrong.

-Speaking of being attractive, finding the right pair of sunglasses can really make a person look better.  Put them on and you can go from lame duck to swan in no time.  I mean I doubt we’d think the Matrix look wouldn’t be so cool without them.

-I saw my brother’s Decathlon banquet video for the first time.  He pointed out his main “rival,” if you will, was a young man named Kalel, which also happens to be the Kryptonian name of a certain Man of Steel.  Would Kalel also prove to be able to leap over my brother in a single bond?  No, apparently my bro managed to be more powerful than a locomotive in Decathlon.  I must say, though, having a name like Kalel seems pretty cool.  It’s even cooler than being named Optimus Prime, like that guy in Ohio (I’m not kidding, check out this Wikipedia article.)

-Why can’t I make comments in Xanga sites without an account?  I mean anybody can comment in livejournal (if it’s turned on of course).

-Speaking of random, the lyrics of this song, Train – Drops of Jupiter, are so random to my ears.  These odd lines include “She checks out Mozart while she does tae-bo,” “Can you imagine no love, pride, deep-fried chicken,” and “Can you imagine no first dance, freeze dried romance five-hour phone conversation.”  You have to admit it is an interesting set of words they use.

Funny Quote-Some one in chem lab: We should have a dishwasher in [chem lab].
GSI: We do. They’re called undergrads.
Taken from somebody’s facebook profile

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  1. My friend also works at Hollywood Bowl, also for the second summer in a row. Perhaps you’ve seen her around: about 5’6, blonde, skinny, wears glasses most of the time. Say hi to her from me if you happen to run into her.

    I have the album from Drops of Jupiter comes. It’s called exactly that, Drops of Jupiter and it’s really good. I recommend it if you’re looking for more alt-rock music.

    How did your school’s team fare in Decathlon last season and what were your brother’s accomplishments (and awards)? Any remarkable scores in any of the subjects?

    1. Curiosity

      Hmm, that actually sounds like a few people there, with the exception of the glasses. Any more clues before I go saying “are you Mihai’s friend?”

      I downloaded some of the songs off the album, but not the entire thing. Which are your favorite tracks?

      They were 10th place and my brother was the highest scorer for Conference 6. He was also the 2nd highest honors and 2nd highest econ score in the district. That’s about 5 subject medals and 2 other medals for his overall performance.

      1. Re: Curiosity

        Uhm, I can’t think of too much that would make her very distinguishable. I don’t think she’s very talkative there, and I’m not sure what exactly she does (in terms of her job), I think it’s ticket-related. She’s rather cautious of people she doesn’t know, so it might seem she’s ignoring them when she in fact is prudent. Never wears dresses or skirts, always pants, usually in a dark color. Dresses in black as many times as she can. That’s about all I can tell you without going into too much personal detail. And the glasses, of course. They’re a constant feature of hers, for all I know.

        From the Train album, Sweet Rain and Mississippi are my preferred songs. And Drops of Jupiter, but that’s a given.

        Nice job your bro did. Is he returning next year, or was this his last?

    1. Hey Steve

      Summer is going alright, but it’s hot and my job is exhausting. Time to add you to my friends list; make sure you do the same. Go to my userinfo and then click the icon.

  2. It’s not just you, Xanga doesn’t let outsiders post comments, way lame.

    Kalel is such a cool name. The beautiful thing is that the only people who will recognize it are people who will think it’s cool. Everyone else just thinks its an unusual name.

    1. Lame and Cool

      Xanga doesn’t let outsiders post comments, way lame.

      It is lame. I’m half tempted to get an account just so I can make comments.

      Kalel is such a cool name. The beautiful thing is that the only people who will recognize it are people who will think it’s cool.

      That is so very true. My brother mentioned how only he thought that was cool. When he said something about it to everyone else, though, they just went “oh.”

  3. Why not just get an account? It’s free and easy, and it’s better than live journal hahaha…..

    1. Livejournal vs Xanga

      I’m tempted to get an account just for the comments, though I honestly don’t think xanga is better than livejournal.

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