Celebrities I have missed while in Berkeley

Celebrities have come to Berkeley every once in a while, but I’ve always seemed to miss them (even William Hung).  This wasn’t a problem for my old roommate, who managed to see Arnold Schwarzenegger in a Poli Sci class, Adam Lamberg (Gordo on Lizzie Mcguire) at IB’s, and ran into a few NBA players at the RSF.  Oh well, no big deal.

Those that came for a one time talk:

Soon to be added:

  • Bill Clinton

Taken from The Facts Machine:

President William Jefferson Clinton will be signing his memoir at Cody’s Books in Berkeley on Tuesday, June 29th at noon. Corner of Telegraph and Haste, for those not in the know.

Damn, no cameras.

Here’s his full book signing schedule.

There’s always next year.

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  1. Hey Allen,

    This is Matthew. Usher rocks! especially yeah! and confessions part 2 whoohoo. hope all is well

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