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The News #1

I guess I’ll start with reviewing some interesting news over the last few days. (Yeah I’m bored)

-First off, Scott Peterson gets to move his trial over to a new county. Guess where his lawyer wants to go now. When asked, defense attorney Mark Geragos was quoted to say, “My top three choices are: LA, LA, LA.” Gee I wonder why; I mean you don’t suppose just because OJ Simpson was found innocent there has something to do with it do you (sarcasm implied)? I guess even after all these years, the stereotypes about the stupidity of people who live in LA live on. (Read the SF Chronicle’s article)
-“The Governator” Arnold Schwarzenegger has unveiled the new California budget and man is it a hard pill to swallow. I mean so many cuts and raising student fees. It’s funny how me and my old roommates were joking about Arnold being governor. Now who’s joking? (Read the SF Chronicle’s article)
-President Bush is calling for a mission to Mars in the future. I guess he got wowed by all the pretty pictures of the Red Planet. Seriously, as much I would like to see this, I’m not really sure how this can happen right now. Reading this Washington Post editorial, it states that the possible cost of doing this is $400 billion dollars. I love space travel as much as the next guy (okay a lot more than the next guy) and a big project like this can spawn a whole revolution of new technology, like how the moon project launched part of the computer and telecommunication age. However, it’s too much money, especially when there are so many projects to be done on Earth like those wars. You know the one’s in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the waistline. Speaking of being fat…
-Finally, You’ve Got to be Kidding Me. How about a car that can tell you if you’re overweight? Yeah you heard me. Apparently, one man has invented such a device. My question is why? I mean it’s embarrassing enough being told you’re overweight by your loved ones, your coworkers, and that fat guy on the subway (editors note: how did I come up with that one?), but once your car starts tell you’re fat, you’ve got major problems. Find out about it here.

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