New Year’s is when people decide to start fresh and come out with certain ways they resolve to improve themselves, though for one reason or another, hardly ever keep to them. So I decided that I would write certain things I’d like to change about myself and maybe not hold myself to this year, but will gradually improve on.

I resolve to
Get to know myself better: I honestly think I know some people better than they know themselves, yet I am not truly sure I know who I am myself. I know I’m a thinker and an eccentric one at times who can come off as really odd and/or really funny at times, but I’m not sure what else defines me. Plus, I know I’ve been acting in different ways to different people, so really I wonder who got what out of my personality and what do people think of me. More importantly, I’d like to know which aspects of my personality do I feel really are my personality.
Finally finish one of my creative projects: I’m starting to get really tired of saying “I’ve been meaning to write…” or “I’ve been meaning to make…” this or that. Actually, they are kind of long and I manage to come up with so many different ideas that I can’t put them all down. Alright, I think I’ll try to write some where in between 2-5 stories (in particular, the first in a series of stories inspired by my first year of college) and hopefully produce that student film some how.
Get out a little more: I spend far too much time indoors and not interacting with people who have intriguing views and ideas. I need to stop doing this soon or else I’ll end up complaining about it more and more. So for sure, I am going to call up people to study and hang out more often.

I swear I had more things to add, but I can’t seem to think of them anymore. I thought this entry would be funnier too, but it’s not. This is a good entry though and I think I’ll leave it at that.