Living Water Retreat Weekend and Redeeming Columbine

So Halloween is a time when people from all walks of life walk out of those houses of theirs and just go nuts with all sorts of weird outfits and costumes, decorations, and go out to the Bay Area. I, on the other hand, did the exact opposite by not dressing up in a costume, decorating my room, and leaving the Bay Area. Joey talked me into going off to the Living Water Fellowship Retreat, a Christian outing to Santa Cruz full of worship and prayer. Seeing as though I’m not Christian, it makes little sense for me to have gone, but I thought “hey free trip to the mountains” and besides I figured it was time for me to get away from school and such. Well anyways, it was pretty fun going there actually. I found everyone’s take on God and the universe intriguing actually, as I had some discussions on relativism and ethics with some of the people. Not only that, but I thought I met some interesting people and played some fun games (though some of the games seemed a little young for us to be playing, but hey whatever). However, besides the obvious hilarity in me going to a Christian club, is the fact that everyone was praying for my soul. I thought it was rather funny how people were praying that I would be saved and some how let the Lord into my life. I mean it wasn’t funny when it happened, but when I look back at it, I just can’t help but laugh.

Wednesday, November 05 I went over to Wheeler to go see something called Redeeming Columbine, which was presented by a man who had lost his daughter in that horrible tragedy. It was a very sad story about how this very good person, who did nothing but want to help people, just lost her life so senselessly. And yet, it’s a hopeful tale, as her death may have allowed her to spread a message of hope and how she made a difference, whereas her being alive may not have allowed her to impact the shear amount of people it did. It also served to show that a person’s faith in God can drive them and hope that it inspires others as well. As I write this, one thing comes to me and asks “why would an all loving, all good, and all powerful God allow her to be shot senselessly by evil people?” One could argue God allowed her to fulfill more by being dead than alive, which is sorrowfully true, but then I you wonder why not have a God who allowed her to carry on her message of good will thru living. It’s a puzzle that can be argued needs little solving or a lot of solving.

I hate to close on such a somber note, but I think I’m going to take sometime to think about this and so should you.

Featured WebsiteRachel more about Rachel Scott, this victim of Columbine and her message of hope.