Bad Move Son

Hmm, this week I seem to have noticed a lot of extremely bad pick up moves guys have tried to execute in the last week. It probably all started after I had watched an episode of Made on MTV and watched as the guy failed a lot of the times to get a girls number. Now I know I have done a few bad pickups in my day, but nothing of this caliber.

Hey look a dollar-That’s what one guy said in the middle of physics class. As he pointed to it, the girl managed to turn her head for just long enough for him to put his arm around her. Of course, there was no dollar on the floor and she did find out. Well, at least a slap fight didn’t break out, and it looked to be just good natured fun between friends.

The winkSaturday, October 6th was one of our home game Saturday’s over at Alpha Delta Phi, where we have food and entertainment for friends, alumni, and their families. One of the brothers, though, did something outrageously funny. I noticed we gave a nice look and a wink over to one of the younger guests at the house. She was at most 16 years of age, and when I noticed what he had done, I just started laughing. It was so funny to me, but my frat bro did not share in the humor and proceeded to kick my chair. Well, she then gave us both an odd stare, which meant she knew something was up. So, we just stopped fighting right there and said nothing about it.

I think I’ll be giving her an A today-Two of my GSIs proceeded to complement their students. My physics one had complimented a girl on her clothing, which was a nice pink tank top and jeans. She was nice-looking yes, but was this appropriate for behavior? I’m not so sure. Well, it wasn’t so bad, though. At least it wasn’t as bad as my chem GSIs compliment, where he said something like “yes, you know have two smiley faces, the one on your paper and one on your face. It’s lovely.” Maybe it didn’t quite go like that, but it was awkwardly phrased and not the best way to go about talking to a girl.

So why do I bring this stuff up? To be honest, I had a blast laughing at all the guys stumble on their face as they try to make a move on a girl. I think this serves as a lesson for all of us guys as to what not to do.