Space Shuttle Funding too low?

Wow this shocked me. Senators actually want to increase NASA’s budget. The Houston Chronicle reports that some senators think that a $15.5 billion dollar budget increase is too little. Cool. If this is the case, the space program isn’t dead after all, which is great. I mean we owe a lot to the space program, from computers to velcro. It is important that we continue to fund it. But will we get back a sizable return? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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2 Replies to “Space Shuttle Funding too low?”

  1. Weapon of Mass Destruction

    Bush said he going topple any Axis of Evil country with weapon of mass destruction. I think is stupid because iraq doesn’t have it and hong kong does has it. So he going send troops to hong kong because hong kong got biological weapon that could kill the world. Peace out world. let green peace do the dirty work.

    1. Re: Weapon of Mass Destruction

      My friend Allan Poon ladies and gentleman. He has put up a post of a joke he heard on Jay Leno, but might have said it wrong and has no relevance with my previous journal entry at all.

      That said at least he’s posting.

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