Alpha Delta Phi Rankings

My frat bro’s came out with a little survey. This is how your’s truly fared.

Second mostly to severely injure himself.
Fourth mostly likely to do your mom
Third mostly to be kidnapped by Yahia

Category I probably should have placed in
Most likely to spend a lot of time with stupid computer games or blogging

Categories Joey should be placed in
most likely to be “you know” (gay)
least likely to get laid

4 Replies to “Alpha Delta Phi Rankings”

  1. Jealousy!!!

    Hey man…don’t be jealous! There’s no possibility of me being gay, you’re just insecure. But it’s all good man…don’t worrie, somebody loves you!

    1. Real Rankings

      Joey’s rankings were actually second most likely to do your mom. I don’t remember any other ones

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