Spring Break 2003

Saturday: Well I got up at 6:30 AM, did the usual early morning routine, up and left, and nearly forgot my itinerary to board the plane (of course, I found out later that I didn’t need it). Our party of four became a pair of two as I decided to board the AirBART with Fred instead of wait for the AC transit with Wenjie and Chihyon. Oh well. Got to the airport 2 hours early for my flight and still nearly missed it as I sat at the wrong gate. So I delayed the flight by a minute no big deal. Land in Burbank and then went off to Chinatown to have dim sum with family. These use to be a regular outing and I’d grow tired of them. But now with me spending less time with the family, I appreciate them every time. Saw Cal basketball lose to Oklahoma. Boy was that painful. However, Arizona vs. Gonzaga. What a game. Of course, there have been several great games in the tournament and it leads one to wonder if these have been set up (like some kind of conspiracy). That’s just paranoia I guess.
Sunday: Had to go to the cemetery to honor my grandpa who left us a while back. May he rest in peace. Talked to many relatives as my parents bragged that I go to Berkeley. Really it’s not that big a deal. Later that day I visited my grandmother, who in her condition could not attend. She seems a tad stronger than when I saw her last and she’s still fighting. Keep it up. Meanwhile, war on Iraq seems as some Americans are captured. I also find out about an old friend from childhood is in the service. I hadn’t seen her in years, yet it so surprised me. May all the soldiers come back home safely. I also found out something rather odd. While I’m here at home, some kids are stuck at their universities not by choice, but because their parents think it is ridiculous for them to come back after they’ve only been gone for two months. Big mistake parents. They are not going to want to come home after a while.
Monday: Went to Lincoln high school and saw a good couple of old teachers like Martinez, Louie, Austin, Wong, Fletcher, and Passler. Meet up with Ken, Wilson, Samie, Sam, Chris, and Sandy over at Lincoln and then later Shya, Sopheak, and Diana. Cruised on over to Chinatown for Chinese food. Then headed over to Santa Anita Fashion Park.
Tuesday: Went to Burbank Media Center and Fry’s Electronics with Julie, Johnathan, Eddie, and Susanna. Then went to Glendale and got a new pair glasses and had dinner at Chevy’s with them and Alex. Julie got into a bit of trouble with her mom for taking the car out too late though. Sorry about that.
Wednesday: Currently nursing a cold. Good night.
Thursday: Getting better but still not in the best shape. Discovered some of the joys of ebay as I may have found some great bargains.
Friday:Had to cancel on Kai on our visit to Lincoln due to my illness. Oh well he didn’t go either. Showed Mom and sis Chicago. Interesting movie. Also interesting how good the movie looked when I plugged my computer into the TV. Very good quality.
Saturday:Flying back. Sorry I couldn’t have lunch with you aunt Nancy. Get back and go around Berkeley with friends. Saw Berkeley girls water polo beat San Jose State with Joey and then we met up with Panda for food at Cafe Durant. Then I head over to cousin Lin Lin and company’s house in SF. Spent the night and look forward to picking up more food and stuff for dorm.
Sunday:If you remember that Julie sent be a whole mess of text messages with her paper, well she got a B+ on the paper. Good for her. Well anyways, I went out shopping and stuff with my uncle and such. Got a new CD player that plays MP3s for $50 dollars at Target. And lots of food from Costco of course. Unfortunately, the car broke down though as uncle didn’t put any anti-freeze and the weather was hot as heck. Lost quite a bit of time. Oh well. I got back to Berkeley at around 5:45. Saw that Eugene had gotten back last night. Darn I was hoping to have the room to myself. Now I’m sitting here finishing this entry.

Overall synposis: Cool spring break in which I left home too early and didn’t get enough work done. I could have done a lot more if I hadn’t gotten sick, but I was still healthy enough to do some school work. Oh well I think I needed the rest. As Panda put it when he first saw me, ” you seem a lot less tense.”