Blogs, Journals, and Xanga

Continuing my power of the Internet motif, I thought I’d talk about the wonderful world of online journals. Blogs, as most people call them, are predicted to be the latest craze (if they aren’t all ready), as it allows people with no experience in webdesign to be able to update their own websites. It’s generally quick and painless. What I find rather amazing amount them is the information they contain. There are some devoted to personal data, political events, technology. Heck there are even blogs about blogging. It’s a forward trend to think about. Check out this article on Cnet comapring blogs and the so-called “real journalists” on TV. You can also take a look at a few other journals my friends have put up on the net at this page and post a comment on this entry to refer people to more Blogs.. Finally, you can visit web sites like Xanga, Blogger, and of course LiveJournal to get you’re own. The internet is waiting for you’re voice.