Subjournal-Once a month is not enough

I’ve slacked way to much on these updates. Good thing I can remember a lot of stuff.

-Let me see what bad things have happened to me, because I decided to pledge a frat. I have been humiliated, hissed, intoxicated, thrown up, forced to act stupid, serve alcohol, and almost run over. Why am I doing this again?
-It’s official. I now hate Keanu Reeves. I never respected him, but I acknowledged his right to exist. Now, all I think of is err.
-Okay so Josh Hartnett is up for Superman, then Brendan Fraser, Victor Webster, and now David Borenaz? In my opinion (and Christopher Reeve), Tom Welling would make a great Superman. Not only that, it wouldn’t break continuity established by Smallville and isn’t that why you watch the show, to see him become Superman?
-Why is it my roommate can walk around and say things like “what’s your favorite position?” and have a girlfriend whereas I’m walking around helping people with problems?
-Two midterms in one day is bad. Two midterms and missing a trip to Lawrence Berkeley Labs, one of the biggest research facilities in the world, is even worse.
-Why is it when I have not seen a person in months, the first thing they ask me is “could you help me with this”? I’m glad to help, but a simple, “how are you doing?” before hand would be nice?
-So all the quarter schools have finals in a couple of weeks. 3 sets of finals a year? How does anyone do it?
-Do I really deserve what I think I deserve or am just delusional, thinking I’ve done nothing wrong? Good question, I’d like to know the answer to that one.
-Now my guy friends and I all have our own really embarrassing stories and it’s only the first year of college. Just imagine 3 more.