Subjournal-More updates

Time add another entry to the subjournal.

-New website moving along quite well. Should be up and running by the beginning of next semester.
-Subprofile has been up for a week or two and not even my roommates have seen it yet. Am I that unpopular? Maybe you should just TELL PEOPLE ABOUT ALLEN!
-Now my cd-rom drive doesn’t work at all, which means I’ll have to send it back. A college student without a computer, bad combination.
-Without a cd-rom drive, I couldn’t update Outlook. And speaking of updates, why don’t people update their software often. It honestly helps performance sometimes and helps with neutralizing security threats on your computer. Go and to perform a few updates and/or turn on automatic updating in the control panel.
-Subprofile is now getting less and less funny.
-You tend to refer to yourself in the third-person a lot in this journal, don’t you Allen?
-Should have told people about subprofile when Eddie didn’t update his, but nooooooooooo…
-Steve now has a website devoted to school that contains his own panda patented Steve-o-Notes for Psychology and Economics. Check it out at
-Christina did not know who or what are the Fantastic Four. Do you?
-A couple of us were sitting in the hallway on Thursday night when Chihyon came out to model some jeans. She asked “Do I look good in these?” For God’s sake, she could wear a burlap sack and still look good. We all said yeah and then she said “You sure it doesn’t make me look fat?” Allen then says “You can’t look fat in anything” and we all compliment her. She says “thanks” and goes off to her room. Meanwhile, Allen still looks at her and does not pay attention to the conversion, when Vicky goes “Allen” and he quickly starts paying attention to his other friends in the hall. But all he could think about that night was her in those jeans.
-To all the girls Allen know, if you ever ask him if he think this outfit makes you look fat, don’t bother. He’ll always say no, because it’s true.
-No Allen does not have a crush on Chihyon.
-That night was still cool, even though all we did was talk in the hall way. Bonding with these guys is an experience Allen will never forget.
-Allen went to Beyond the Wall and picked up 2 $5 dollar posters of Star Wars. He then told Eugene about it and picked up a poster of the zodiac that shows some pretty provocative positions. But come on which would you want to look at more, Star Wars or sex? Allen’s pretty sure you’d rather look at Star Wars (which pretty much makes him an idiot).
-I forgot to put this in last time, but the cell phone number is (323)449-9524