White Mask

The first Supervillian profile
1. Evil Name-White Mask
2. Real Name-Guess? (click post comment and make your guess)
3. Place of Origin-???
4. Major-Scaring People
White Mask is a villian who recently entered the scene on Halloween and yet he is probably the scariest one yet. There is not much known about him except a few details. His mission is to create total anarchy. This year, he launched a grand scheme, where he scared many adults and innocent cilvians with a worse laugh than King Kong’s and many meancing remarks, which inculdes the now infamous “hey kids”. He also theartened the entire dental industry by giving incredibly sweet, but harmful candy to unsuspecting youth. After scaring most of the Superfriends, espically The Artist and Sean, he was taken down that night by Christine and taken away.

2 Replies to “White Mask”

  1. Mystery Solved

    I don’t know who that is, but I know who invented this villain. It was the same guy pictured here. Good luck guessing who I- I mean he – is.

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